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Technical Writing

Do you need your company ICT infrastructure practices in written format? Maybe you just need to refresh what you already have, we can provide a clear and understandable document to provide direction for those that work on your infrastructure.
Over the past 25 years we have been very active in authoring, editing, and publication of Industry Standards, Design Manuals, Installation Manuals, and Cabling Standards for individual companies and Government Agencies.

Project Management

We manage infrastructure projects to ensure a completed, functional system that is both on time and on budget. Servamatic will schedule and oversee vendors, provide cutover management, and handle acceptance/verification procedures.

Project Specifications

Have a project coming up and your specifications need to be updated?
We won't hand you a boilerplate document, we write solid project specific documents for your company. Whether you need them written for specific products, or a true performance specification, we write specifications that will allow you to be confident in the final outcome of your next project.

Technology Planning

Many organizations have a significant investment in their ICT infrastructure. We will provide the tools to ensure concerns are comprehensively understood before solution options are explored and that existing technology investments are leveraged to the fullest extent possible.

Site Surveys

To get the most out of your ICT investment, start with a quality Site Survey. Whether you are implementing a new ICT or extending an existing network, our service provides the critical first steps required to achieve and maintain maximum performance and success: proper planning and the ability to measure results against that plan.

System Analysis

Servamatic will analyze current voice, data and video systems, determining ways to maximize performance. Improvements and enhancements can be made in systems configuration, management, maintenance, security, budgeting, standards & practices.

System Design

Strong system design should reflect your company's unique needs. Once we understand your needs, goals, and budget, we custom design systems that perform to your specifications. We will consider all the possibilities, including voice/data integration, system management & maintenance, infrastructure design, remote access and telecommuting.

Inspection, Testing, and Commissioning Services

We will perform complete testing for Standards compliance and Category performance on your installed system. With all testing, we provide as-built drawings, and full documentation of your test results.

Conference Rooms

We will work with you to develop specific requirements that will ensure your new conference room will meet your objectives. Once the requirements are developed we will work with you to determine what components will be necessary and how they will work together to meet your requirements.

RFP/RFQ Management, Vendor Selection and Negotiation

Our highly experienced professionals will handle the RFP/RFQ process for you and translate the "techno speak" generated by vendors into plain, understandable English. You will have clear, concise information that will enable you to make the right decisions for your organization.

Industry Training

As a former BICSI Master Instructor, we have the experience and knowledge to train your staff based on industry best practices.

DrChecks Review

We are experienced in plan review and Design Review and Checking System comments. We can review plans independently and provide comments either directly to you or in ProjNet.

As-Built Drawings

As-built drawings are the final set of drawings produced at the completion of a construction project. Most construction contracts include a requirement for as-built drawings, but it is good practice to provide these plans even when they are not required. We can provide CAD services to create accurate record drawings for submission to the owner or General Contractor as required under your contract.

RFP/RFQ Response

RFPs are growing in popularity. What will your response be to the next RFP you receive? Servamatic will assist you in producing a response to an RFP by establishing a timeline to ensure the response meets the deadline. We organize the material, edit the information, and pull together all the pieces into a well-designed, full-color response document that differentiates your company in the best-possible light.

Contract Review-Negotiation

Successful contract negotiation means that both sides look for positives that benefit both parties while achieving a fair and equitable contract. A signed contract that benefits both parties will provide a firm foundation to build a long lasting relationship.


We manage infrastructure projects to ensure a completed, functional system that is both on time and on budget.
  • Contract Negotiation
  • DrChecks Review
  • Inspection Services
  • Project Management
  • RFP/RFQ Management
  • Testing and Commissioning
  • Vendor Selection
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