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Why Hire An Independent ICT Consultant?

As a consultant, we work for you, not a manufacturer, installer, or other interested party. Our loyalty is exclusively yours so you can be assured we recommend what is in your best interest. Every network design we work on is under the supervision of an RCDD, ensuring Independent verification of your ICT infrastructure design and implementation to provide you with a system that will deliver Performance by Design.

So take a tour of our web site and see how Servamatic can help with your Information Communications Technology infrastructure needs.

Why not allow one of my vendors to do the design free of charge?

In short, "Free advice is worth what you pay for it" While this may be a viable solution in some cases, it has the potential to be a very costly alternative. Services provided free of charge, at the very least, typically require the use of the vendors product in which case they have most likely built revenues into the cost of the products they will sell to affect their design in order to pay for the "free" services.

In our experience vendor provided design services are often initiated very late in the process and typically do not include timely and effective coordination with other trades or in depth research into the true needs of the client.


"I have greatly appreciated working with you. Your professionalism, insight, reliability, and attention to the smallest details make it a genuine pleasure to work with you.... I do hope that we can look forward to working together on other projects".

Rich Drewes
General Manager

Thin Blue Line
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